The Children’s Center at Park Hill

United Methodist Church

Libby was an incredible asset to the auction! In my second year as the volunteer coordinator for our local preschool’s annual auction, I had the experience of bringing Libby on as auctioneer. What a difference she made in the event! Even with the same quantity and value of donated items each year, Libby’s insights and tips, as well as her live auction skills, DOUBLED our combined silent and live auction proceeds the first year she was with us!!! Each subsequent year, proceeds have continued to climb! Libby is an incredibly intelligent and charming person, who uses her skill and knowledge about what drives people to give to maximize profits from silent and live auctions. She has continued to serve in her role as auctioneer for our local event, and I wholeheartedly recommend her as an auctioneer for your event!

Ashley Niederhauser, Executive Board Member

Park Hill Children’s Association

Libby did a fantastic job as our auctioneer and the evening’s MC! She was entertaining, efficient, motivating, organized and a complete professional. Her skills greatly elevated the success of our event. Those in attendance can’t stop raving about what an excellent job she did. This is the 3rd year we have used her, and our numbers have significantly increased each year. Sherri, Executive Director

McAuliffe International School

Libby is amazing and an absolute force of nature! She met with us multiple times prior to our event to educate herself on the purpose of our fundraising and philosophy of our school. Libby also made numerous suggestions on what items and packages would make our event more successful. Libby showed tremendous energy, excitement, and passion as an auctioneer and helped us raise a significant amount more than expected! Libby’s professionalism, dedication, confidence, optimism, and pre-event guidance were truly exceptional – we feel that we’ve made a long-lasting relationship with Libby. Brandi Wright, Community Liaison

Going, going, gone!

With Libby, every item in our live auction sold for more than we expected, raising the most money for our nonprofit in any single event. She more than paid for her services with just one auction item. She’s classy, knows everything about her product, and how to read the crowd. People actually leaned over to me at the table and said, “Wow! She’s fabulous!” We were proud to have Libby represent our nonprofit. She seemed to know everything about us, and shared heartwarming stories that moved the crowd and kept the the bidding going. The auction flowed beautifully from one item to another without any hesitation. She was on fire, funny and played with the crowd as they increased their donations and left with amazing auction items. We were thrilled we hired Libby and plan to do it again and again. Libby made all of the difference in our fundraising event.

All I can say is ‘Look out!’ if you’re in the crowd because, Libby is the best.

-Deborah Sherman


BMHS Buffalo Ball

THANK YOU for being so incredible amazing and supportive! I’ve loved working with you, and am so grateful to have had your expertise and creativity this whole Buffalo Ball process. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Madeline, Executive Event Planner

Applause! Breckenridge Music Festival

In July of 2017, Applause!, our fundraising committee of the Breckenridge Music Festival, held our annual gala. A major part of the fundraising effort that night was the live auction. This year we decided to hire a new professional auctioneer, and hired Libby Pollack, who has extensive experience in conducting auctions. We soon learned that Libby was very knowledgeable, had tremendous enthusiasm, and was always available to us. Additionally, she was really fun. She gave us great ideas for engaging our audience in order to gain the most out of the event. Her energy and professionalism netted us a great deal more money than we had ever made, and I would definitely recommend her to lead your auction.

Linda Ebright, Live Auction Chair

We went from $4K in a live auction to over $30K

We went back and forth about hiring an auctioneer. This year was our organizations fourth year hosting a fundraising event. We had never had much success with a live auction or a paddle raise in the past and we kept telling ourselves that was because our community gave in a different way. After much thought and deciding to just give it a try we were lucky that Libby had our date available. We hired her late in our planning process and once I realized the input and help that she could provide I was so bummed we did not make the decision to use her sooner.

She helped us frame the live auction so that we could get the most out of the items we had to offer. She convinced us to put things in the live that we never would have in the past and in turn she made us at minimum 5 times what we would have made on them in a silent auction. We went from $4K in a live auction to over $30K with Libby’s help. She has a true passion for helping schools make money and it shows with her enthusiasm and desire to always want more. If you are on the fence don’t be. Reserve your spot with her today, you will not be disappointed!

– Marissa Walters

Downtown Denver Expeditionary School

Denver Public Schools

She was incredible, amazing, fun and vivacious! She told jokes and knew a lot about the school from the tour she had taken and the research she had done (on both the prizes and the school). She brought in MUCH more than we anticipated, she literally doubled our proceeds for the night! Molly Kirshling, School Board Member

You Can’t Go Wrong with Libby

Please let this letter stand as a high recommendation for Libby Pollack and all that she does to assist clients with their live auction fundraisers. I have had the pleasure of working with Libby on a gala for YWCA Boulder County, where I served as CEO. Libby worked hard, she was very fun to be around, and she was extremely professional.

Libby comes with years of experience and lots of ideas. Since she works auctions all day long, she knows all the ins and outs that your development staff won’t necessarily know, and this is key to raising a lot of money. I appreciated her recommendations to my staff on which games to play, where they fell in the event timeline, and how much we might expect to get from each activity.

She also makes the event easy. She brings a volunteer and helps you train your staff volunteers. She understands the AV system and how to utilize it, making one less thing your event planners need to worry about. She also has contacts to bring live auction items on consignment, which saves your staff time in soliciting high-ticket live items. I found her consignment pricing to be very fair.

There are a few professional consultants I always feel good about hiring, and professional event fundraisers are at the top of my list. As a non-profit leader you and your team are often short-staffed and overworked. In order to be really successful at event fundraising, it needs to be your full focus, 100% of the time. It is for that reason that I am confident that hiring a professional auctioneer to help with the live portion of your event and serve as the main fundraiser in this activity is imperative to a successful event. You can’t go wrong with Libby.

Amanda Piper

Principal, Events@5280

Denver Language School

Libby was the auctioneer at our school auction this past weekend and she was amazing. She raised an incredible amount of money for the school – more than we could have ever imagined! She was a pleasure to work with every step of the way; helping us from beginning to end. She was professional, enthusiastic, and strategic. I highly recommend working with Libby for any of your auction/fundraising needs. You will be happy you did!

~Camilla Modesitt, Advancement Director at Denver Language School

Wow. Just wow!

The stuff, the bidders, the auctioneer, all converged to make it a truly impactful auction for our little school. We will be able to have a librarian next year. It makes a weekly, if not daily, tangible difference for every kid in our school. We’re just so happy – tears of joy are springing up unannounced!

We’d like to thank you for your great work on Friday and beforehand, for your great suggestions and for your ongoing support, especially when we asked for a quick turnaround on items. We love working with you!

A heartfelt thanks!
Allison & Allison