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About Me


Libby Speaks and People Give

Libby Pollack continues to raise the bar in the niche national non-profit and benefit live auction industry. Libby regularly hits her fundraising mark and often increases efforts by 50 to 150%. When Libby speaks, people listen – she’s not a magician, but when she’s running your auction, magic happens!


Get fund raising results! Libby Live Auction charity events inspire giving.


Rapt guests hear and feel her passion, become motivated by the mission, and are moved to action.


She’s not a magician, but when Libby’s running your auction,

magic happens!

Years of  First-hand Experience

Libby is more than just about the numbers. It is her indomitable spirit, innate understanding of people and pure heart that catapults her into a league of her own. These intangibles, mixed with years of first-hand experience, exceptional training, and an ongoing need to continually finesse her craft, combine to not only elicit barrier-breaking fundraising results, but inspired giving long-after her final gavel is swung.


Libby Can Help Turn Your Fundraising Goals Into Realities

Audiences are captivated by Libby’s joie de vivre, which she deftly and decisively tailors to complement the distinct composition of each organization, event and guest list. When she’s “on,” her audience is keyed-in and engaged. Rapt guests hear and feel her passion, become motivated by the mission, and are moved to action. A contagious spirit fills the room, with everyone upping the ante! It’s the ultimate moment for Libby, and one of the many reasons why her services are in such high demand.

One of Colorado’s Leading Live Charity Auctioneers!

All of this is made possible due to Libby’s intimate knowledge of each project before she even steps into a benefit, which is based on intense pre-event research and one-on-one meetings with clients. Libby doesn’t just show up the night of an event with a cookie-cutter program, rather she takes the time to thoroughly understand the background and mission of each organization, and the make-up and psychology of the audience to whom she is appealing.  Libby is fully-vested in her work, which makes her an unparalleled investment for clients, who routinely commend her performances as paying off in spades! And it is for this reason in particular that first-time clients routinely turn into long-term business partners.
Becoming a live benefit auctioneer is Libby’s second career, but it is her natural calling. Selling is in her DNA, with her affinity for “moving merchandise” starting in grammar school. On any given day throughout the ‘80s, Libby could be seen and heard hawking everything from Girl Scout Cookies and lemonade to newspapers and chocolate bars; and she always, always sold the most of whatever needed to be sold (but who’s counting?)! 
With her gift of banter and love of collaboration, Libby spent her post-collegiate years working in Sales and Marketing in the media industry. Career highlights include serving as Regional Sales Manager for Gannett Pacific Publications in Las Vegas; Owner of The Denver Health Magazine; and Business Development Manager for MOBS Marketing. By last count, she had developed or worked on over 150 marketing campaigns!
After a decade of helping big businesses achieve big returns, Libby began to feel restless and unfulfilled. She knew she thrived on applying her skills of persuasion and superlative “closing powers” to ensure bottom line results, but she longed to put her prowess to work “for the people.” She knew a little went a long way and she did her part as an engaged member of the community, but her true interest lay in bringing about considerable changes across many spectrums. She knew what she wanted to accomplish, just not how to do so. Then, by happenstance, Libby attended a women’s cancer support fundraiser, which was led by her late husband, Jeff Parr’s restaurant company. Arriving early to help set up, she noticed the auction items. When she asked her husband what his marketing strategy was to sell the items, they both laughed. With that laugh with Jeff, something clicked inside Libby. A mere five hours later, stood on a stage in front of many strangers and, off the cuff with no formal experience, held her inaugural live auction, and did a bang-up job at that! For the first time in her life, Libby felt truly exhilarated with a desire to do anything and everything to “make things happen!”

Breathe New Life into Your Fundraiser with Libby as Your Benefit Auctioneer

Libby’s can-do attitude allowed her to swiftly switch gears, attend the renowned World Wide College of Auctioneering and, immediately thereafter, start working as a benefit auctioneer under the tutelage of noted auctioneer Shelly St. John, of The Auction Divas. This “marriage in heaven” provided Libby with both an incomparable mentor and an avenue to do what she had longed most to accomplish: help raise millions of dollars for hundreds of organizations helping innumerous individuals.


Making Good Things Happen!

The most valuable lessons that Libby learned during this time were that live benefit auctioneering is an art form, which is extremely personal to each auctioneer; and there is an elusive quality that truly exceptional professionals embody that cannot be taught in a classroom, and which can only be pinpointed when you “see it in action.” Understanding these notions has helped Libby fine-tune her craft and come into her own.
After nearly five years with Auction Divas, Libby is now poised to take on the national live benefit auctioneer industry on her own terms, in her own inimitable style, with her own firm, Libby Live Auctions.
To know and understand how Libby Live Auctions stands apart from the crowd, one only needs to know Libby, who is a force in and of herself, and fundamentally a dynamo.
In her own words, “When you hire me, you get someone who is more passionate about your cause and who knows how to make your organization the much-needed funds. I purposefully turn that passion into a plan to match your organization, your gala and the objectives of the evening.  I devise a signature program designed to fit your needs and match your goals.  From the moment we partner, you have full access to me and all of my resources. I work on every aspect of the gala with you as little or as much as you want, including everything from planning and preparation to night-of-event implementation.” 
Asked about her trade secrets, Libby affirms: “I care deeply, and I work hard.”
One of Libby’s favorite quotes is from Oscar Wilde: Be Yourself because everyone else is taken. Libby has taken these words to heart and carved out a name and reputation for herself based on merit, achievement and authenticity.  She must be doing something right because, as far as her clients are concerned, no one else holds a candle to this bright shining star!
Libby is a doting single mother and the number one cheerleader for her two beautiful boys, Brooklyn and Ari.