Steps To A Charity Auction


Live Auctioneer

Partnership with Libby Live Auctions starts with a call or in-person meeting. Pre-event planning, preparation and precision implementation are the keys to success. We meet often, and for as many times as we need!


Libby Live Auctions is a hands-on firm. We aim to meet and exceed your fundraising goals, and we are as invested in the Live Benefit Auction and Paddle Raiser outcome as are you.

Our initial meeting is comprised of the following: understanding your mission; reviewing past fundraising successes and challenges; and forging the objectives of your forthcoming benefit.

You may not have all or even any of the answers just yet, and that is okay. Our role is to assist you in doing as much reconnaissance as possible in order to define and refine the message and mechanics of your upcoming event. The more we can plan and craft the details ahead of time, the better we will do as a team.


Charity Auction Success

You may know exactly what items you have, or you may be completely overwhelmed by the very idea of the project. Not to worry. This is all part of the process. We will be with you every step of the way.

If we are fashioning the list together, we will work with you to develop and maintain an obtainable roster uniquely designed to match your crowd and the feasibility of your team’s ability to attain the gifts.

The Live Auction Hooks Your Audience’s Attention

Once the list is secured, we will develop the Live Auction theme – determining a personalized and differentiating approach will garner the most audience excitement and highest revenue yield. One of the many advantages of working with Libby Live Auctions is our extensive expertise and experience – we know what works and what does not, and we know how to overcome challenges to adeptly turn them into opportunities.


The Paddle Raising Event

The Paddle Raiser is one of the most moving parts of the event. This is the portion of a gala where the audience raises their bidder numbers in the air and gives money directly to the cause! If implemented properly, the Paddle Raiser can elicit the most engagement, both during the event and long after the evening has ended.

Items to review during our initial meeting might include:


What impact does your organization have on the community?


Who is your audience or who do you hope to attend? What do you want the crowd to know about your organization?


Tell me about your past gala event? What worked, what did not?


What would make your attendees tear up or how can we reach them on a highly emotional level?

When Libby Speaks, Charity Auction Audiences Listen!

Each local and national organization, association and affiliation has its own unique place and purpose in our community, and it is our passion to make sure every audience member knows exactly who and what they are supporting, and are moved to do so in waves.

All of this information will ultimately help us shape and secure a spectacularly mindful Live Auction and Paddle Raiser to drive home your message and meet or exceed your fundraising goals.

Our goal is to have each one of your guests leave the event feeling more motivated about and involved with your organization than ever before. Whether they donate $100 or $10,000, active participation is the key, with 100 percent financial or emotional support the objective of every event.

We might have eight months or eight days to prepare, plan and implement, but we will dive in together to make the best Live Auction and Paddle Raiser possible. With Libby as your benefit auctioneer, your event can be a rousing success.

Libby Pollack | Live Charity Auctioneer